Gary Meggs big band live

Gary Meggs

Saxophonist Gary Meggs is a past member of the Glen Miller and Harry James Orchestra’s, and has played with Lou Marini and Tom ‘Bones’ Malone among many other artists.

My target is not to wow the small percentage of Jazz Enthusiast who look for the obscure and eclectic vibe, but yet to entertain and bring in new ears to a melodic and commercial sound, that bridges the familiar with a Smooth Jazz twist.

Being produced by  rock/fusion guitarist, Bryan Jefferies, this project takes a percentage of several genres and molds them into a very listenable and hum-able collection, with an emphasis on West-Coast Jazz of the 80’s and 90’s.

Life’s Little Changes

“Life’s Little Changes” has been a life long dream, a chance to help place my own footprint in the smooth jazz scene. This project is dedicated to all those who still love the genre and help support it’s existence.

Meet the Team

Bryan Jefferies has been the one man team behind Gary’s music. Having been a life long friend, Bryan has been able to help Gary communicate his musical story through writing, arranging, recording, and producing.

Bryan the Musician

If you weren’t hearing sax you were hearing Bryan.

Bryan the Writer

All songs on “Life’s Little Changes” were either written, co-written or arranged by Bryan.


Bryan the Producer

Utilizing Bryan’s studio and background in producing Jazz, Rock, and Pop recordings.

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